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Most people think our lives are just one big adventure after another, but that’s far from the truth. The beautiful photos and videos we post don’t show the countless hours spent on our computers editing, replying to emails/messages/comments, the thousands of miles on the road, the 2AM wake-ups and freezing our bums off to shoot sunrise, and everything else that goes into creating our content. The expenses for creating free content can add up quickly: travel costs, buying and insuring equipment, vehicle/camper maintenance, park permits, and communications equipment, just to name a few.

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Rocky's Best Friends!

We want to specifically thank these great folks for inspiring US! Knowing that we have a group of people anxiously awaiting our next video or photo makes 800 mile driving days, 2AM wakeup's, and hiking in the rain a little easier... 

Thank You!

Kathy Hamilton Habegger

Erin Chapel Ham

Dale Wilde

Liz Salem

R W Smith

Mike Heward

Tricia Zeigler

Gail Effron

Joshua Price

Evelyn & Bill Bunton

Kelly Andrews

Jenifer Miller

Robert Panick

Kathleen Jaroszewski

Tom Grigsby

Robert Long

Anita & Phil Tegen

Rodney McKnight

James Prescott

Angie Middleton

Chris Clifton

Steven Johnson

Steve Emert

Christopher Heath

Claude Cooke

Ron & Marla Bowman

Rick & Chris Pitt

Jeff Montgomery

Joyce Kramar

Camille Josey

Richard Whitehead

Maura Hencker