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Episode 22: The Final Stretch


I don't even know where to begin with this blog. We just drove 16,000 miles tip to tip (22,000 if you count getting there and back!). We experienced freezing temperatures and sweltering heat. We explored glaciers, mountains, canyons, plains, lakes and oceans. We met people who showed us their culture, and got to eat delicious new foods. We documented all of this through photography, video, and most importantly - in our hearts.

We also want to thank each and every one of our viewers, friends, and Patrons for helping us through this journey. Knowing you were there each day to share our lives with made it a little bit easier to get out every day and keep going.

Without further ado... please enjoy our final episode of our Alaska to Mexico series. But don't worry, this is far from the end of our videos! As Kendrick puts it in this video, it's just the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next. Adventure on!!

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Cheers! Mandy & Kendrick

Alaska to Mexico #22: The Final Stretch! Teardropping from Alaska through Mexico

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