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Episode 12: Tex Mex for the Soul

The day we finished our Colorado photo workshop, we booked it down to Texas for one of our favorite classes, Big Bend. This workshop holds a special place in my heart as it is the single workshop I have hosted the most times. After so many years, we were blessed with some of the best skies I have ever seen. Both the sunrises and sunsets left us speechless.

When we finished the Big Bend workshop, we had one week before heading to our annual Spring Texas Camping workshop near Austin. We decided to spend this week with a quick trip to Boquillas, Mexico to spend some time with a local family we met. It was a great taste of what is to come when we head all the way through Mexico after Thanksgiving!!!

Check out Episode 12 to join in the delicious fun!

Alaska to Mexico #12: Tex Mex for the Soul

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