Episode 4: Teardropping Along the Dalton Highway

We drove the infamous Dalton Highway to reach the official start of our "Alaska to Mexico" journey. And what an adventure! Who knew driving into the middle of nowhere could be full of so much adventure!?

Watch our journey, and then see below for tips and links...

Alaska to Mexico #4: Teardropping Along the Dalton Highway

As we mentioned in the video, our heads were full of doubt going into this trip. So many naysayers said we would need multiple extra spare tires, plugs, tons of gas, and an emergency GPS phone. While I always recommend being prepared for an emergency situation, don't let that fear and hype stop you from exploring.

Our T@B Trailer, Rocky, handled the road like a dream. The high clearance and short length lended itself nicely to the bumps and curves of the Dalton. That being said, I'm not sure I'd want to risk Atigun pass with anything big and heavy - just another perk of traveling tiny!

Trip Details

Here is a map of our drive along the Dalton, as well as some interesting numbers!

Places & Attractions

Here are links to some of the places we stopped and things we did along the way:


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