Episode 5: Exploring Denali National & State Parks

The worst part about my journey through Denali is that we didn't actually get to see "Denali", as in the mountain. We chose a particularly rainy month to visit the park, and thus we were not one of the lucky 30% of visitors to lay eyes upon this peak. But to be honest, there was so much to see that it was a magical experience none the less.

Watch our journey, and then see below for photos, tips, and links...

Alaska to Mexico #5: Exploring Denali National & State Parks

Denali from the bus

One unfortunate aspect of Denali National Park, is that unless you are one of the lucky few to win a road lottery, the only option is to take a bus tour. This can be particularly frustrating as a photographer. Yes, the bus will stop, but only at a few places and only for 10 minutes each - not enough time to get in your photography groove. You are allowed to stay off the bus, hike around, and catch another bus back - but my observation was that this can be difficult as buses are infrequent and often full. So I accepted my fate and prepared for my bus ride.

What I took with me:

What we saw (12 hour ride):

  • 8 Moose

  • 6 Grizzly Bears

  • 3 Wolf pups

  • Dall Sheep

  • Caribou

  • Marmot

  • Rabbits

Places & Attractions

Here are links to some of the places we stopped and things we did in this episode:


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