Episode 2: Preparing for the Road

Now that we've fully committed to driving from Alaska to Mexico, we have to actually get to Alaska. And not just Alaska, but the northernmost part of Alaska! Knowing that we have a lot of rough miles ahead of us, we wanted to make sure we did everything we could to prevent possible issues on the road. Check out the video we put together of our week before hitting the road. Then, see the list below for links and more info!

Alaska to Mexico #2: Preparing for the Road to Alaska


If you are planning a long road trip with a trailer, here's a list of things to consider:

Tow Vehicle Prep (Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk)

• New Tires & Alignment: Tires should be top priority for any road trip, but especially if you know you are traveling a rough gravel road like the Dalton Highway. We got brand new off-road tires and made sure to have a spare for both the Jeep and the T@B Trailer.

• Oil Change: An obvious but often overlooked preventative measure! If you're traveling a lot of miles like us, then you may need to have it done on the road as well!

• Safety Items: We don't have much space, but there are a few items we were sure to make room for:

Trailer Prep (T@B Boondock)

• Greased Wheel Bearings: For a trailer like ours, this should be done every 10k-15k miles. We were at 30k so we were due up for our second!

• Replaced tongue box with larger toolbox: While we loved the stylish look of the original LP cover, we wanted a larger weatherproof box for extra storage.

• Upgraded 12v battery to 2x 6v AGM Batteries: If you plan to dry camp, this is a much more efficient battery set-up.

• Added 2nd Propane Tank: Knowing we will be in cold climates often throughout the year, we wanted extra propane for those cold nights.

• Secured indoor cabinets with fisheye hooks: This is a very small upgrade that makes a big difference - not having to put everything away after every bumpy drive!

• Added hooks to cargo nets

Other Considerations

• Reorganize & Repack: Don't overpack. I can't say this enough. Look at the pile of things you think you need - and eliminate half.

• Charge all the things!: Although I have charging capabilities on the road, there are so many things to keep charged these days that it is nice to start with everything fresh! I also carry a solar powered Goal Zero battery pack and 2 solar panels with me.

Locks: Tiny trailers are easy to steal! Make sure you have multiple locks on everything. My favorite lock is the Trimax TCL65 Wheel lock!

• Know your Weight!


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