Episode 3: 3,500 miles to (the) North Pole

We are finally on the road! But if we are going to drive from Alaska to Mexico, I guess we have to get to Alaska first! So in six long driving days we booked it 3,500 miles to a small town called North Pole, Alaska. This would serve as our destination to take a break and prepare the vehicle for the big drive up the Dalton Highway.

Come along in our video on this whirlwind road trip...

Alaska to Mexico #3: 3,500 miles to (the) North Pole

Trip Details

Here is a map of our quick drive North along with some interesting, need-to-know numbers! Don't worry, we'll take our time and see the sights on our way back down!

Places & Attractions

Here are links to some of the places we stopped and some gems we found along the way:

  • Chicken Coop Restaurant - Where Kendrick got wings for National Chicken Wing Day!

  • Rapeseed/Canola - The beautiful fields of yellow flowers.

  • The Canadian Brewhouse - where we got our first taste of Poutine. It may be a chain but it offers a great sample of Canadian culture!

  • Poutine - a staple of Canadian food culture.

  • The Best Cinnamon Rolls in the Galactic Cluster - Find these at the Tetsa River Lodge on the Alcan. But be careful, these rolls have been known to cause wars among lovers!

  • Stone Mountain Provincial Park - We found our first hike right off the Alcan in this park. We went up the Summit Peak Trail and found beautiful views.

  • Yukon Brewing - A great little spot we found in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. Beer for Kendrick and Whisky for Mandy!

  • Kluane National Park - Another great hike right off the side of the road! We went up the 6 mile Sheep Creek Trail. It was just what we needed.

  • Sign Post Forest - A crazy little gem to help break up your drive located near Watson Lake, YT. Don't forget to bring a sign! Over 77,000 signs!

  • North Pole, AK - An adorable Christmas themed town, home to Mandy's cousin.

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